Must Visit: The most beautiful villages in Northern Italy

Everyone knows that Italy has countless places with charm and magic, among the most beautiful on the planet. Not in vain do they call it “bel paese” (beautiful country), a classic poetic expression. Dante and Petrarch were probably the first to use it to refer to Italy and highlight its natural landscapes, culture, art, and history. This beauty is a sight to behold and truly deserves to be visited sometime in everyone’s life.

1. Sirmione

On the lake of Garda stretches a small peninsula of 4 kilometers at the narrowest point is this charming village. It has to be crossed by a drawbridge that leads to the gate of the castle of Sclaigero, a magnificent medieval fortress very well preserved. The beautiful views of the lake, its lively center, its thermal center, and the Roman caves of Catulo are just some of the highlights.

2. Bellagio

Bellagio occupies the most strategic point of Lake Como. In addition to the ruins of the defensive castle and the 11th century fortress that once protected the city, its pastel-coloured houses with flowery balconies, the steep streets leading to the shores of the lake, where good (and expensive) restaurants take their seats, the church of San Gioacomo and the gardens of the beautiful Villa Melzi make it one of the most beautiful cities in this environment.

3. Menaggio

Opposite Varenna, at the entrance of a broad valley that connects with the lake of Lugano, Menaggio is another small village with a transalpine appearance. It has a central square with cafes and shops, narrow cobbled streets and a promenade overlooking the beach edge of the lake that could not have more charm.

4. Argegno

Argegno is small, as are other delicious villages overlooking Lake Como. It has starry streets that run through the old town, a Roman bridge and a church that bears witness to its past. Enjoy its charming restaurants and caf├ęs with exceptional views where you can taste the fish from the lake.

5. Tremezzo

As Lake Como is a paradise of glamour, it goes without saying that all the little villages overlooking it have their charm. One of them is Tremezzo, where you can visit Villa Carlota, a charming villa surrounded by an extensive botanical garden that is part of the circuit of the Great Italian Gardens.

6. Soncino

Everyone who travels between Milan and Lake Garda and stops in Soncino by chance is amazed at the 15th-century castle of Soncino, known as the Rocca Sforzesca. Also worth a visit is the church of San Giacomo, with its beautiful frescoes, the church of Santa Marie Delle Grazie and the historic town hall.