These Destinations Are Perfect For August Travel

The hottest month of the year is approaching, in which more people with vacations coincide, but if you think that August is the worst month to travel due to heat, and high prices, you may change your mind by checking out these destinations below.

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

The park is the second oldest natural park in Spain and has completed its first hundred years of existence. It is an essential getaway for nature lovers, as it has a rich biodiversity represented by more than 1,500 plant species and unique fauna. The park displays a landscape of contrasts, with hard summits of rock, and spectacular valleys and gorges where the water jumps in crystal clear waterfalls.

Notting Hill

In this small part of London, the atmosphere is jovial and celebratory as locals take part in the annual Notting Hill Carnival. A trip to Notting Hill usually results in a great time, pleasant temperature and lots of partying on the street. Don’t you think it’s a very appealing destination, different and away from the crowded beaches?


If you don’t like the heat, this is an ideal destination to spend the month of August due to the cool temperature. Also, the added benefits of seeing magnificent waterfalls, northern lights, and fresh air are extra benefits. There are many reasons to visit Iceland, choose one and start packing your suitcase.


August is one of the best times of the year to discover the beauty of Amsterdam, due to longer days, sunny skies, and a much more pleasant temperature. Also, the city has great cultural attractions such as the Museum of Van Gogh or the House of Anne-Frank.


It is the largest province in China, a place far from the big cities with a complicated orography that never ceases to amaze anyone who dares to approach. In August, visitors can enjoy the pleasant weather and the traditional harvest festivals held at this time of year.